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What Users have to Say

  • We installed a solar PV system in 2012. It's been terrific. Some months, we've been net-zero energy and the payback was less than 5 years. Everyday, I drive down my drive way and see the system on the roof, I feel very content.

    Ellen Tohn & John Harper, Wayland
  • “As a retired architect, I know buildings - and I know they need to be checked on a regular basis for energy efficiency opportunities. I was pleased by the responsiveness and detail Homeworks applied when they completed a MassSave energy audit at my house. Now I’m adding insulation to my roof and am receiving state incentives to do so. It’s a win-win!”

    Richard Moon, Natick
  • “The Natick Health Department loves driving our all-electric Ford Focus! The car is perfect for our local inspectional trips and the free charging stations in Natick Center make “filling up” easy.”

    Jane Anderson, Natick
  • We have Solar Hot Water (since 2013) and for 4 months/year our oil furnace does not come on! Maintenance free, almost silent, clean and safe hot water heating for my family. Expertly installed by New England Solar Hot Water.

    Kaat Vander Straeten, Wayland