Mass Energize

Opportunities To Act

Local volunteers created this menu of opportunities to act. Click MORE INFO to see each action's details. Already done an action? Click DONE IT to add it to our Impact. Yes, it counts! 

I'd like to learn more about heating and cooling with heat pumps
I want to make my own safe and clean electricity with solar photovoltaics
I want to use less oil and carbon by heating my domestic water with solar
I want to green my home's electricity!
Certify my Green Home and make it more valuable!
What is using all that electricity? I want to monitor my home's energy use
I want to make a difference with LED lights - even with my holiday lights!
My roof is too shady :( Tell me about neighborhood solar!
I'd like to order compost bins at a discount price
I'd like to order rain barrels at a discount price
I don't want to trash food scraps? Can I have it picked up for compost? (yes)
I want to be a local activist and join Transition Wayland
My garden is too shady to grow veggies: I want to register for a Wayland Community Garden Plot
My home is drafty, too cold or hot, or too dry or humid.. what can I do?
I want to improve the heating, cooling, and temperature control in my home
My utility bills are above what I expected: what can I do?
What is there to eat local? Visit the Wayland Farmers Market
I want to eat local with a Two Field Farm CSA
My boiler/water tank needs to be replaced: what are my options?
I want to keep good stuff out of the landfill with Freecycle
I'd like to join the 350MA MetroWest Node
I don't want to trash textiles: How can I recycle them?
I want to buy or lease an electric vehicle at substantial savings
Recommended holiday recipes for a plant-rich diet
I want to eat more local food
I want to schedule a free Home Energy Assessment

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