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I want to green my home's electricity!

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You can "green" your electricity usage by making the switch to local, renewable energy. You match your electricity with renewable energy. For every kilowatt-hour you consume, one kilowatt-hour of local, renewable energy will come onto the grid on your behalf. It's the simplest, most effective thing you can do make sure that the electricity you use is met with power from clean, local, renewable energy. MassEnergize is partnering with Make the Switch, a program from the Green Energy Consumers Alliance, which is a non-profit founded more than 30 years ago, and they've been connecting our members with local clean energy sources for more than ten years now.

Support clean energy, made right here in New England!

You, like many of us, may not be able to put solar panels on your roof. Or you have them, but your electricity usage is higher than your production. MassEnergize and the Green Energy Consumers Alliance have an easy way for you to purchase renewable energy for your home. We are working together to advocate for better energy policy and are teaming up to help you switch to cleaner electricity.

Are you getting phone calls from companies you've never heard of asking you to switch to "green energy" - but you don't know who to trust? Many of those offers do nothing to increase the renewable share of electricity in Massachusetts, and are profitable only to the companies providing the services. The Green Energy Consumers Alliance is a non-profit working to actually increase the share of renewable energy in the Commonwealth, helping us to cut back faster on fossil-fuel consumption.

Most people’s electricity comes from fossil fuels and nuclear. When you make the switch with Green Energy, your home’s electricity brings renewable energy onto the grid instead. Green Energy uses the strength of its 8,000 members to support New England wind turbines, solar systems, and more.

When you switch, please mention that MassEnergize referred you and; Green Energy will donate up to $50 to us.

Make the Switch is a program from the Green Energy Consumers Alliance, a non-profit organization that has been succeeding in making energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable since 1982. Mass Energy serves as a trusted voice for both consumers and the environment on local, state, regional and national energy issues. Their goal is to reduce emissions 80% by 2050 and stop climate change. 

Steps to Take

1. Go here first.

2. Enroll in just 5 minutes! All you need is your electricity account number.

3. Let us know how it went! Email us at [email protected], or contribute a story here


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