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I don't want to trash textiles: How can I recycle them?

About this Action

Wayland’s Green Team has partnered with Bay State Texctile, here here, to keep recyclable clothing, shoes, stuffed animals, backpacks and linens out of landfills. In Wayland, every public school has a textile recycling collection bin. You can't miss them! The proceeds go to the Wayland Schools PTO Green Team, which takes care of the school gardens, composting bins and other "green" programs.

Donated items are accepted in any condition as long as they are clean and dry. Bay State Textiles takes “the good, the bad and the ugly.” Visit for a list of acceptable items. A good rule of thumb: if you can wear it, it’s an acceptable item.

Your donations not only remove textiles from the waste stream, but 45% of the content is reused, 30% is turned into wiping cloths, and 20% is converted to fibers (only 5% must be destroyed). Please consider bagging and dropping off all of your unwanted textile items in our bin, conveniently located by the softball field directly in the pick-up/drop-off line! Your recycled textiles generate funds for the Wayland PTO. For a complete list of acceptable items for recycling: click here

Steps to Take

1. Check whether your textile items are on the list of acceptable items for recycling, here

2. Bag items and drop them in the bins at the schools.

3. Let us know how it went! Email us at [email protected], or contribute a story here

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