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I want to eat local with a Two Field Farm CSA

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Want to get a box of locally grown, freshly harvested veggies direct from the Wayland farmer every week? Join the Two Field Farm CSA. Their website is here

Joining a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, is a wonderful way to eat both seasonally and locally while making the commitment to supporting a local farm.  Buying a share means that you are pledging ahead of time, before seeds are even in the ground, to throwing your lot in with that of your farmer.  The cost of the share provides financial resources to purchase seed, greenhouse supplies and soil amendments at a time when most storage crops have long been sold and consumed.  The moral support that a CSA provides, however, is equally as significant, because the farmer knows that members of the community value the coming harvest and have faith that the seeds will grow!


Steps to Take

Contact  Johanna at [email protected], for more information.

There are several options:

Traditional share
The Traditional Share runs from early June through the end of October with twenty weeks of pick-ups.
A full share is $600 and will satisfy a veggie-loving couple or provide most vegetable needs for a family of four.

Pick ups will be on Wednesday afternoons in Wayland.

Farm Dollars
Purchasing farm dollars gives you the flexibility to buy what you want, when you want it at either of our farmers' market stands.
For $200, you'll receive $220 in credit
$400 = $440 credit
$600 = $660 credit

They have stands every week at the farmers' markets in Wayland on Wednesdays and in Roslindale on Saturdays.


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