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I don't want to trash food scraps? Can I have it picked up for compost? (yes)

About this Action

Mass Energize is excited to share City Compost, which provides a home service for food scrap composting.

The cost is $5 for weekly pickup and $7 for pickup every other week.

All types of food are accepted including meat and diary, plus other compostables like paper napkins and coffee filters. 100% of what they collect is processed independently to produce a top quality compost and everything is directed back to grow more fresh food. Their average participant keeps more than 250lbs of CO2 from emitting each year while helping to create a new square foot of growing space each week to increase access to more fresh, clean produce to enable a healthier, more vibrant community.

Ingredients are gathered right from your residence using 5-gallon containers, compost is created, and finished compost then goes to grow more fresh food at local sustainable farms, community gardens, or back to you making it a one-of-a-kind full circle service. All material is weighed at the individual level so you can know how much you have contributed. Service includes weekly collection of all types food of scraps and compostables directly from the home, the full composting process including material balancing and blending, temperature and moisture control, and pile turning for aeration during the compost process. Plus, screening of finished compost before testing.  Compost is tested to clearly show the nutrient content and other important factors good to know when used for growing. Finished compost is free of plastic, metal, glass, and large wood chunks and supports local food.

Sign up today and give back to the Earth to create an abundance of fresh food for all!!


Since joining City Compost over a month ago, combined with avid recycling, I haven’t used ONE plastic garbage bag! Thank you so much for doing this service for our city, and please keep doing our “dirty” work!

Affordable & easy. It's rare when you can feel proud of yourself when someone else is actually doing the work but I do and you can too! It's a very small act that will make a larger impact on the lanet and the quality of life. Thrilled to be a part of this process.

I just started using this service. I love that it's so little work, and I know that my leftovers are becoming wonderful compost in an environmentally friendly way. 

City Compost is great! It's wonderful to know my food scraps are going to good use and not ending up in a landfill. Compost is picked up regularly and the whole process is seamless. Highly recommended!

Steps to Take

1) To learn more or enroll visit, email [email protected], or call 978-378-3048.
2) Choose between their weekly or bi-weekly service depending upon the number in your home.
3) You will be set up with a personal kitchen container and a container for service along with a print out of acceptable materials
4) Put all of your food scraps into the bucket and place it out the night before your service day to be switched with a clean bucket.
5) Off to the compost pile it goes!! You can request compost back as a part of service, so start to plan your garden!!

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