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I want to bike or walk to school

About this Action

To get started it’s important to find a bicycle that is a good fit for you and suits your needs. Make sure your bike is in good condition, get it tuned up if need be. 

Safety can be a concern but knowing the rules of the road and common dangers to avoid will increase your safety. Bicycles are considered vehicles according to the law and cyclists have similar rights and responsibilities to those of car drivers. Bright clothes and bike lights and reflectors increase visibility in the daytime and are a must if it's dark. WEAR A HELMET!

If you've never biked to school, practice the route a couple of times with a parent or older sibling who can point out tricky spots and help you solve potential problems. Some roads in Wayland are simply not safe to ride, so it's good to have an adult - someone who drives a car - look at them from a driver's point of view.

Steps to Take

Biking keeps you fit, gets you fresh air, and doesn't require fossil fuels. The energy of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will get you the  miles to school! And a bike produces no polluting emissions.

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