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Wayland Farmers Market

I want to eat more local food

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In summer the market happens after school. Next up are the Summer Farmers Markets on Wednesdays 12:00 - 5:00PM. The first one is on June 26th, the last on on October 9th, 2019.

It takes place at Russell's Garden Center. under tents in the front parking lot.

Steps to Take

Did you know that Wayland has a fantastic Farmers’ Market? Both the Summer and the Winter Farmers’ Markets are one-stop-shopping with vegetables (of course), fish, meat, mushrooms, cheese, breads, jams and jellies and pickles, pasta, desserts and... ice cream and also fresh-squeezed lemonade. It's like a supermarket only better because the food is local, directly from the farm.

That means the food has less "food miles" on it, less miles that it had to sit in a refrigerated, polluting, gas-guzzling truck to get here. Also, think about who your parents would be spending their money on: local peole, who will then spend it locally too. And... you get to talk to the person who actually grew and/or prepared the food: did they use pesticides on their fields? Did they put preservatives in their cookies? These farmers will gladly answer those questions.

The markets are also a ton more fun than the supermarket. 

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