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I want to make a difference with LED lights - even with my holiday lights!

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Incandescent bulbs waste a good deal of energy; a full 90% of their energy is released as heat, which is why regular light bulbs get so hot. LEDs are a different story. According to U.S. Department of Energy, they use up to 75% less energy, and last 25 times as long. They are inexpensive and give excellent light. They don't require a lot of maintenance.

They're good for the wallet too. If you replace old lightbulbs with LEDs ($1 - $2 each), you can save $100 over the life of the bulb.  And how about the planetary budget? If every household replaced just one light bulb with an LED we would save enough energy to light two million homes for a whole year and we would also prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to that of taking 550,000 vehicles of the road.

Still, they are only used in less than 10% of fixtures. Can we reach 50% use of these great bulbs in our community this year alone? Let’s find out!

MassEnergize Wayland has teamed up with Wayland Home and Design: they have expert advice and an array of LED bulbs at great prices.

And how about those Christmas lights?

In this season of dispelling the dark with the light, let's make sure the light counts! 

LED Christmas lights don't burn out, like other bulbs. They just get dimmer over time, so you don't have to fuss with replacing bulbs and fuses. Just plug them in, and they'll light up reliably year after year. They also don't get hot to the touch, so they're a lot safer, too, to use around your Christmas tree, wreaths and garlands. And they won't send your holiday electric bills sky high -- even if you tend to go a bit crazy with the Christmas lights :)



Steps to Take

1. Go through your house and make a list of only the bulbs that are on over 1 hour a day (typically less than half the bulbs).

2. Make a note of each of these, what type they are: 40 or 60 watt standard or CFL-equivalent (can be replaced for $12); recessed ceiling reflector bulbs ($2-3); 3 way bulbs ($5-6).

3. Go to Wayland Home and Design in the Wayland Town Center for expert advice and an array of LED bulbs at great prices. It's buy one get one free tlll the end of the year! They also have a great choice of LED Christmas lights.

4. OR, sign up for a free Mass Save energy audit - check that out here, and in the process LED bulbs are installed for free!

5. Let us know how it went! Email [email protected] or contribute a story here.

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