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Do you want to get rid of cold drafts, moisture or mold, improve temperature control, or insulate against noise? Are you concerned that your home may be contributing to allergies, asthma, heat stroke, arthritis, depression? Do you have problems with ice dams and  other structural concerns? Are you rennovating or planning to? Are your energy bills higher than you expected? Do you just feel like energy and comfort are being wasted, but you don't know where, or what to do about it?

A Mass Save Home Energy Assessment (HEA) can help. And more good news: it's no-cost because, as a National Grid or Eversource customer you have already been paying for this program!

If you have not had your home assessed in the last 2 years, you can have it done again. Insulation often settles with time below what you need, technologies like thermostats may have changed, and the incentives for retrofits may have changed as well!

Volunteers in Wayland contacted numerous firms and chose to work with HomeWorks to provide the Mass Save HEA because of their track record. 

During your assessment, HomeWorks will identify any and all opportunities for improvement. The home auditor will also provide free LED bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs; test your home heating systems for harmful emissions; identify opportunities to insulate, reduce drafts, repair or upgrade heating/cooling systems, and identify all the state and other financial incentives that you are eligible for.  It’s one stop shopping! 

If you live in a condo then HomeWorks cannot help, but you can still get an assessment! The organization who assigns condo assessments is Multifamily Market Integrators. Check them out here.

Steps to Take

1. Sign up for a FREE home energy assessment here

2. Or call HomeWorks at 781.305.3319

3. Or email them at [email protected]


If you live in a condo then HomeWorks cannot help, but you can still get an assessment! The organization who assigns condo assessments is Multifamily Market Integrator.

1. Call them at 1-800-594-7277

2. Sign-up is here


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