Mass Energize

What people are saying

Two Wayland Homes get Pearl Gold Rating!

Pearl Certification brings value to energy efficient homes

Hybrid EV was a great decision

Steve from Wayland tells us about his decision to get a Honda Clarity

Green Your Holidays

Make your holidays the most sustainable yet!

Ever wondered how many Electric Vehicles there are in Wayland?


Compost& Catch Rain Water

With Rain Barrels and Compost Bins at discount prices

Wayland Composts!

Compost Class, discount Compost Bins, and a Pickup Service

On April 7, Wayland Cleans Up!

Wayland's annual town-wide road-side Clean Up

Going for serious data with Sense

By a data geek!

Environmental Activism Thriving in Wayland!

Action-packed Great Presenters event at Library

A Plant-Rich Diet

Yummy, healthy, and good for the planet

EVs in winter: tips to stretch that battery!

Improve your EV's range in winter!

We got our minimum electricity use down to well under 100 W

With the Sense Energy Monitor

LOVE Textile Recycling!

Every school in Wayland has a place to recycle textile

8/23: Solar Open Houses in Wayland a Success

Wayland Solar Open Houses for Solarize LSW

A Tesla Family

highly recommend going electric!


Love the curb-side compost!

For a sustainable and safe future

Motivated to go solar after the Fukushima

Town discounts on rain barrels

Our three-year-old loves watering the garden

9/10: Wayland Electric Vehicle Test Drive Event

"Easiest three-point turn I ever made!"

Glad we took advantage of Solarize!

Our Solar PV powers all our electricity needs

Love my eGolf!

The whole family loves the eGolf

A happy Solarizer!

Great experience going solar

Solar Energy is lowering our carbon footprint

48 PV panels: excess production is donated

Range anxiety? Not for us!

Wayland to NYC and back: no sweat!

MassEnergize Awarded NEGEF Grant!

$1000 grant that gets us started!

Love our solar PV system

Solar payback 5 yrs. & reduce climate risks