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Range anxiety? Not for us!

Written by Kaat Vander Straeten Sept. 5, 2017

Kaat Vander Straeten

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When Satra and I heard about the great DriveGreen deal that the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance had made with Marlboro Nissan, we wasted no time. Concerned about climate change, we had wanted to replace our old car with an electric vehicle, and this deal made it a no-brainer. We walked into the dealership, put that deal on the table (bypassing all the sales pressure), and signed.

Once we had picked up our LEAF we boasted about it and the DriveGreen program to all our friends and relatives. A week later, Satra's sister soon surprised us with her own DriveGreen LEAF from Milford Nissan! Here's a family photograph of us and our clean electric cars, taken on a day in February when temperatures reached 70F. How appropriate!

Fast forward to August and we wanted to take a trip to NYC. We have another car that takes gas, but chose to take the LEAF anyway. Officially it has a range of 120 miles, but in summer and if you drive in a certain way (mainly, not above 65 mph), you can tack on another 20 miles. We planned it so we stopped at two fast chargers on the way to NYC. Handy apps show you the closest one and even whether it is in use or not. Each charge to full took a mere 20 (twenty!) minutes, during which we had lunch and a coffee break. On the way back we charged just once - ourselves too, with dinner in the whackiest Chinese restaurant east of the 90. And it was free - the charging, not the dinner.

With some planning, some efficient driving, and just a little bit of extra time, it was no hardship at all! And range anxiety? What's that?

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