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A Plant-Rich Diet

Written by Maia Miskin Jan. 11, 2018

Maia Miskin

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Did you know that your food choices have a significant impact on the climate? Eating a plant-rich diet tops most lists of actions individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint. According to, “healthy, plant-rich diets [are] one of the most impactful solutions” to reduce dangerous emissions.

I recently connected with a local expert. Diana Goldman is a vegan chef, teacher and founder of Her site is full of lots of great recipes, helpful information, and high quality videos. I watched her video on making kale salad, and now always take 
a few minutes to "massage" it, at it takes it from something tough, to a more tender leaf. I make my kale salad with avocados and BBQ sauce, it's super tasty! If you are thinking about eating a more plant-rich diet, check out her webiste []!

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