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Going for serious data with Sense

Written by Jake Mohnkern Feb. 15, 2018

Jake Mohnkern

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In 2017 I went "all in" on a SolarFlair PV installation as well as a high-efficiency ductless split heat pump system with Sensibo smart controllers. To help understand the dynamics of this system I also installed a Sense home energy monitor. Air source heat pumps become less efficient as the outside temperature drops, and it sure did drop this year. I have been able to use data from the Sense to compare the energy consumption of the heat pump to the run time of our aging gas boiler. The next step will be to install wirelessly controlled thermostats for the boiler. With them in place I will be able to automate the boiler setback and turn on the heat pump to maximize efficiency using the IFTTT automation system. This is an ongoing project but we are already seeing benefits, especially as the days grow longer and solar production starts ramping up to offset the cost of running the heat pump. Yes, I am a bit of a geek.

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