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Written by Kaat Vander Straeten March 2, 2018

Kaat Vander Straeten

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As you start your spring cleaning efforts, consider some spring greening as well by taking advantage of the Wayland DPW rain barrels and compost bins at discount prices.

Rain barrels sustainably provide healthy water for your flowers and vegetables, especially during a water ban. Compost bins turn your food scraps and yard waste into highly nutritious fertilizer for your garden.

Rain water is free of cost, free of chlorine, and the purest form of water. Barrels are easy to set up and maintain. These rain barrels are made from recycled olive shipping containers at The Great American Rain Barrel Company. They hold 60 gallons of water, are made of UV-protected, food-grade plastic, and include a mosquito net to keep bugs out.

They are offered in three colors; Forest Green, Earth Brown or Nantucket Gray at the cost of $69, or unpainted for $64. This is a 45% savings from the retail price.

Order by March 31 [], choose MA and Wayland, pay by credit card to reserve. Pick them up on Saturday, April 7, between10 AM and 2 PM at Wayland’s Department of Public Works (66 River Road).

Food scraps can be turned into black gold by composting - then you’ll also save on trash hauling or orange bags, and your trash cans won’t smell or attract critters. These compost binsare Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) New Age Composters hold 24 c. ft., are designed to handle decomposition temperatures of 185 degrees or more and are easy to set up. They cost $67.

Order by emailing [email protected] before March 31. Pickup on Saturday, April 7, between10 AM and 2 PM at Wayland’s Department of Public Works (66 River Road).

Want to learn more about Wayland’s Spring Greening, like the Compost Class at the Wayland Free Public Library on March 27, or - if you’re not ready to compost yourself - City Compost’s door-to-door organic waste pick up and compost delivery program? How about the annual roadside trash Clean Up event, also on April 7?  Many small changes can make a significant difference in our community. Visit the Home page, choose "Sprig  Greening".

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