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Wayland Composts!

Written by Kaat Vander Straeten March 2, 2018

Kaat Vander Straeten

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On March 27, join Adam Janauskas for a class of composting at the Wayland Free Public Library (5 Concord Road), 7 - 9 PM.

Food “waste” is a misnomer! Trimmings, peels, leftovers, and expired foods can be turned into “black gold”: compost. When they go into the trash, not only do they stink up your trash bins and attract critters. Valuable nutrients are also lost to landfills or incinerators, where they create greenhouse gases. There are ways to avoid this: compost food scraps yourself, or have your food scraps picked up and composted by professionals - tthey’ll even return some black gold to you.

If you are new to composting, you may want to start by ordering a discounted compost bin from the Wayland Department of Public Works. These compost binsare Department of Environmental Protection New Age Composters that can hold 24 c. ft., are designed to handle decomposition temperatures of 185 degrees or more and are easy to set up. They cost $67. Order them by emailing [email protected] before March 31. Pickup is on Saturday, April 7 only, between10 AM and 2 PM at Wayland’s Department of Public Works (66 River Road).

You may want some instruction with that. On March 27, join Adam Janauskas of City Compost for a Compost Class at the Wayland Free Public Library (5 Concord Road), 7 - 9 PM. Janauskas will talk about what to include in a compost pile, what makes a healthy compost and a healthy soil, and how to set up an optimal home composting system. If you have been composting for a while and know your greens from your browns, you may want to troubleshoot or delve deeper into the science of soil fertility and plant nutrition.

If you want the benefits of composting without the effort, consider taking advantage of Janauskas’ outfit, City Compost. City Compost works to save organic nutrients and return them to the soil through his curbside organic “waste” pick up and compost delivery program.

They’ll turn your raw and cooked food scraps, including fish and meat as well as oils, dressings, napkins and coffee filters, into rich, healthy soil.  As part of the service, CityCompost will set you up with a kitchen container and a bucket to be left outside and swapped with a fresh one each week.  

And if you choose, an equal measure of nutrient-dense compost will be delivered to your location in return. This compost has been sifted and screened, PH-tested and hand inspected so it is ready to be used for local food production.  Excess compost generated goes to support local, sustainable farms or community gardens.

The cost of the City Compost service is $5 per week or $7 for every other week. It’s a fantastic way to help protect the environment, reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, live a more sustainable, green life, and most importantly invest in the future of healthy, clean farming.  

“Wayland composts” is only part of the town’s “Spring Greening”. Before March 31, you can also order discount rain barrels (go   [], choose MA, then Wayland). Pick them up at the DPW on 66 River Road, on April 7, 10 AM - 2 PM.

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