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Ever wondered how many Electric Vehicles there are in Wayland?

Written by Kaat Aug. 15, 2018


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It's not an easy thing to find. Our only recourse so far is to the MOR-EV Program (website:, which provides a variety of information about the adoption and distribution of electric vehicles in Massachusetts. Not all electric vehicles are captured as not every electric vehicle owner applies for a MOR-EV rebate. Neither does it show which of these vehicles are presently on the road. But it gives us an idea of how popular EVs are becoming in Wayland, and around Since January 2017, no less than 56 Waylanders applied for an EV rebate. That is compared to 30 in Lincoln, 51 in Natick, 41 in Sudbury and 55 in Weston. The only town that beats Wayland is Concord, with 65 EVs. As for cars per household, with 1.165% of households with an EV, Wayland is surpassed only by Weston (1.479% of households). Not bad, Wayland! Let's keep it up and show Massachusetts how clean transportation is done!

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