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Hybrid EV was a great decision

Written by Steve Engler Dec. 10, 2018

Steve Engler

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When the U.N. made its most recent Global Warning announcement, Waylander Steve Engler decided to act to significantly reduce his use of gasoline. He wrote us the following:

I looked at the Honda Insight (Hybrid only) and the Chevrolet Volt, but in October bought a Honda Clarity! One of the better plug-ins available, I believe.

I drive the first 40 miles each day on electricity only. This makes most of my days gas free! Hybrid mileage (for those above 40 miles/day) at 44 mpg.
So far, I have driven about 1300 miles and only used 5 gallons of gas! i.e. 260 mpg!!
I have purchased my electricity from a green provider. Therefore, I am driving on solar and wind for the first 40 miles/day – which, for me, is most of my daily use.
With rebates ($10,000 total) and Honda discounts, this car listing at $34,450 can be purchased at a new cost of about $20,000! Same list price as the Volt, but $1000s of dollars more Dealer discount. I think it’s a bigger better car! The Bolt (all electric) is about $3000 more.
It is a mid-sized car about the size of a Camry, Accord, etc.
Nice styling. Great, quiet (silent) ride when on electric!

I plug in at night and in 12 hours I get fully charged using standard 120 volt connection – ready for the next day. No need for 240 voltage at additional $1000 or so.

Other comments:

Mileage costs are favorable, but electricity is not free. Therefore my mileage costs (gas only vs electricity/gas) are favorable but muted. I believe I will be using about 600 gallons less in gas and save about $300 in the process.
Advantages of a plug-in Hybrid over full electric car: Greater range, can always be filled with gasoline (at a gas station and immediately). No anxiety!
Disadvantage: Much less electric only range for long distance travel – so if mileage/day is extensive the plug-in Hybrid may not be best option.
Hope this helps anyone else considering!

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